Ioulia Papoutsi is a clinical dietitian-nutritionist and maintains the “Metabolizein” dietetic office in the city of Volos. He was born in Athens, lived and grew up in Evia and Volos, and studied at the Department of Dietetics-Nutrition of the Harokopio University of Athens. She graduated in October 2007 and continued her studies at the Department of Health Visitors of the Athens Technological Institute.

Since January 2008, she has been working as the head of the diet department of a versatile beauty and slimming center at Syntagma. At the same time she worked as an instructor in the Department of Nutrition – Dietetics Assistant of the Private Training Center Health and the public IEK in Kifissia for 2 years (2008-2010).

Within the framework of the undergraduate study program, he carried out an internship in the following hospitals: Sismanogleio (Pulmonary Clinic, Intensive Care Unit), Red Cross (Clinical Cardiology), Tzanio (Clinical Cardiology, Diabetology Department), General State Clinic (General) , Plastic Surgery Unit – Burns – Intensive Care Unit).

Since September 2010 he maintains the independent metabolic office Metabolizein in Volos. He has participated in speeches in kindergartens, elementary and high schools of the city as well as in sports teams. He also participates voluntarily in the Cosi program.

In the context of continuing education, he has attended a number of conferences (EDUCATION CONFERENCE, EPODE: “A methodology for the prevention of childhood obesity”, Panhellenic Nutrition Conference, etc).

Since 2014 he holds the title “Master practioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity”, as he specialized in the treatment of Eating Disorders and Obesity in adults and children receiving the comprehensive training of the Training Center for Eating Disorders-KEADD (total 128 hours), which is approved by British Psychological Society.

He is constantly informed about the new data of the science of nutrition by attending various lectures, lectures, seminars.