At a time when technology has entered our lives for good, where the media constantly portrays the “perfect” successful people, with the “perfect” proportions and the internet does not offer such “valid” information about always and especially when it comes to nutrition, more and more people are suffering from eating disorders. In cases of bulimia, overeating, nocturnal overeating, etc., the first goal of the dietary intervention is to improve the patient’s relationship with food, to stop vomiting if there is and then comes the weight loss. These cases go better if you consult a specialized psychologist. If it is anorexia nervosa then malnutrition is the main goal of the nutritional intervention and the monitoring of the person by a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, nutritionist as well as the cooperation between them, is necessary. It is noted that people with anorexia nervosa will very rarely seek help on their own, so the family plays a very important role in seeking help and in the treatment process.